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Our Story

Zeet is a London-based award-winning olive oil company. We are the fourth generation of our family to grow olive trees, our first olive groves date back to 1890. We focus on growing olive trees in a sustainable way and distributing world-class premium Tunisian olive oil

Based in London now for over 8 years I have decided to make my passion my job and after few years experiences in the financial sector, I decided to start my olive oil business in summer 2015. Today the distribution is based in London with the main operation from Tunisia where our family control the production of few Hectares located in the region of Kairouan, central of Tunisia.

Zeet is dedicated to the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil in different varieties (Chetoui, Chemlali & Ouseltati) and unique Characteristics: Organic, Mild and Intense. The quality and the reputation of our products have allowed the brand to be present in premium Delis, farm shops and department stores in the UK, US and other cities across Europe. In 2017 Zeet got awarded a gold medal in the most prestigious olive oil competition New York 2017 (NYIOOC).

We also have strong family ties with the world of art & design, commissioning a limited edition series designed by different contemporary artists biennial. For our first edition, ZEET teamed with Selma Feriani gallery and for their first collaboration, they commissioned Beirut-based studio 200grs in order to produce a series of 199 collectable sets.

Zeet vision is to supply 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the very highest quality directly to your table while distinguishing the potential of Tunisian oils in the international market

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The Process

The Process


Olive Oil

The Process

Every year we harvest the fruit during early November and as part of our quality and excellence policies we set up time limits for the collection so that all the fruit in one harvest is of a uniform size and condition; so once pressed, the quality of the oil results superior.

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"The olive tree is surely the richest gift of heaven"

-Thomas Jefferson





Zeet offers three different type of olive oils: Mild, Medium and Intense. All our oils have an acidity less than 0.3 and a high portion of polyphenols

Zeet Mild ” Late harvest “and Organic ” Early harvest “Olive Oil come from Chemlali monovarietal olives. It reflects the unique “terroir” of central Tunisia and It has a delicate fruity aroma of ripe olives with hints of almond.

Zeet Intense Olive Oil comes from Chetoui monovarietal olives:  Fresh, intensely grassy with a predominant aroma of green almond

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