Picual Medium Organic EVOO 500ML

Fruitiness: Medium – Variety: Picual – Type of farming: Organic

   Description: A very pleasant & harmonious olive oil with Freshness reminiscent of aromatic herbs

Aromas: Green apple & Banana, grassy with olive leaf notes

Food pairing: Fish, Vegetables, Eggs, Ice-cream & Cheese

Award: Great taste winner 2020 – 1⭐️

 Chemlali Mild Organic EVOO 500ML

Fruitiness: Mild – Variety: Chemlali – Type of farming: Organic

               Description: This beautiful golden extra virgin olive oil has a bright, grassy aroma, with a smooth consistency and an exciting peppery finish.

Aromas: Fresh, delicate with hint of nuts

Food pairing: Fish, Chicken, Cakes & Salads

Award: Great taste winner 2020 &  2019 – 1⭐️ 




Tonda Ibela Intense Organic EVOO 500ML

Fruitiness: Intense  –  Variety: Tonda Ibela  –  Type of farming: Organic

   Description: To the eye, this gorgeous oil is dark green, with golden tones running throughout. To the nose, it is a perfume of heirloom tomatoes and fresh herbs, with a light finish of almond and artichoke. To the palate, it is a perfect balance between bitter and sweet.

Aromas: Fresh, Intensely grassy with predominant aromas of green almond

Food pairing: Steaks, Dipping, Cocktails, Soups & Pasta

         Award: Gold Award New York Olive Oil Competition 2017

  Organic Arbequina Olives 

Variety: Arbequina

Description : This olive variety is considered to be one of the best in the world for its quality. Elaborated with traditional process, it has a soft and exquisite taste 

Ingredients: Organic green olive, water & sea salt.

Format: 215G

Specifications : Gluten free, vegan & Organic

Awards: Great taste winner 2020 – 3 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  & UK Top 50 Foods by The Times

Organic Empletre olives

Variety: Empletre

Description : black olives that comes from Aragon, a juicy olives with sweet flavour.

Ingredients: Organic black olive & sea salt.

Format: 220G

Specifications : Gluten free, vegan & Organic

Award:  Great taste winner 2020 – 1 ⭐️

 Spicy Gordal olives


Description :  Spicy olives also known as ” Queen Olives “.  A premium olives perfect to empower your salads and appetisers.

Ingredients: olive, Water , Salt , dry red chilli , acidifier & lactic acid

Format: 220G

Specifications : Gluten free & vegan

Award:  Great taste winner 2020 – 1 ⭐️

 Organic  Broken Caspe Olives

Variety: Caspe

Description : Broken olives that comes from Arago, a juicy olives with soft bitter taste.

Ingredients: Organic Broken Olives, sea salt & Water

Format: 210G

Specifications : Gluten free, vegan & Organic

Award:  Great taste winner 2020 – 1 ⭐️

Organic Olive Leaf Water 250ml – Mint Taste –

Health benefits:  ZEET Organic Olive Leaf Water contains two of most potent Antioxidants ever; oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol. These powerful components are often touted as the reason olive oil has such highly prized anti-inflammatory, and disease-fighting activities. And while oleuropein alone is best known for its blood pressure lowering effect, together with hydroxytyrosol, these antioxidants may protect the cardiovascular system, the muscles,  against neurodegenerative processes and support immunity

Ingredients:  Spring Water, olive leaf extract, organic agave syrup, Peppermint essential oil & L-ascorbic acid

Polyphenols: 12mg Oleuropein & 8mg Hydroxytyrosol.


 Organic Olive Leaf Water 250ml – Original taste –

Description :  ZEET Organic Olive Leaf Water is a liquid food supplement extracted from organically grown olives leaves, and produced using a completely artisanal process. This unique, herbal drink is fat free, has no added sugar and is created as an infusion of spring water, which means it mixes easily with juices too!

Ingredients:  Spring Water, olive leaf extract, organic agave syrup, aniseed extract & L-ascorbic acid

Polyphenols: 12mg Oleuropein & 8mg Hydroxytyrosol.

Review by Judy Ridgway ” U.K Olive Oil Expert “

” Any reservations I might have had about food supplements using olive leaf extract are completely confounded by the new organic Olive Leaf Water Infusion from ZEET.  It does not, as you might think, taste particularly of olives but has an attractive almost honied flavour all its own.  There is also a peppermint flavoured infusion. However, I prefer the plain version but with the addition of the juice of half a freshly squeezed lemon.  Fresh lime juice is good too “



 Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pearls (50g)

Encapsulated ZEET  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Classic, soft and fruity.

Our ZEET Pearls can be used into all kind of dishes where olive oil is usually used. The result is simply magical !

A spherical shape like caviar but vegan caviar which dissolve in the mouth for an extra aromatic flavour.

The intense colours and flavours open up new possibilities when it comes to the presentation of food and drink.

ZEET pearls keep their texture even up to 60°C, so you can even use them to garnish hot dishes.






EVOO Pearls with natural Chilli aroma (50g)

Encapsulated ZEET Extra Virgin Olive Oil with natural chilli aroma

Our ZEET chilli Pearls can be used into all kind of dishes where olive oil is usually used.

Natural chilli aroma is added to the finest Extra virgin olive oil then encapsulated in fine skin of transparent sea algae.

ZEET chilli oil pearls are a great ice-breaker at dinner parties. Serve canapes with a garnish of these bright orange pearls.

 EVOO Pearls with natural Basil aroma (50g)

Encapsulated ZEET Extra Virgin Olive Oil with natural basil aroma

ZEET basil oil pearls put an instant modernist twist on a classic caprese salad. Scatter the pearls over slices of mozzarella and fresh tomato in place of olive oil and fresh basil. The golden-green pearls will burst in your mouth to release the intense basil aroma.

Our ZEET Pearls can be used into all kind of dishes where olive oil is usually used.






 Organic Green Olive Paste 100g  

Organic Olive paste made from selected Arbequina olives and the Organic best extra virgin olive oil.

Zeet olive paste is totally natural and healthy. No preservatives or colouring agents are used in its 100% artisanal production.

Ideal for all kinds of appetizers, salads, sandwiches… Perfect as a condiment for dressing any type of pasta or fish.


Organic Green olives, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sea salt

 Organic Black Olive Paste 100g  

Organic Black Aragon Empeltre Olive Paste – these black olives from the Aragon are famous for their sweet/nutty flavour and this simple paste is made by crushing these delicious olives with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sea salt.

Try adding to pasta dishes or spread over a steak. Great as a base for hors d’ouvres and aperitifs or just yummy as a spread with cheese.


Organic Black olives, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sea salt

 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Marmalade 100g  

ZEET Marmalade is yet another innovative creation ! This unique marmalade is made using organic extra virgin olive oil from Picual olives combined with sugar and xanthan gum. The result is an incredibly delicious  jam with fresh fruity and spicy flavour of ZEET award  winning EVOO. This marmalade is excellent on toasts, crackers, cheeses , yoghurt  and fruits .


Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sugar, Water and Xanthan gum

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