The Process

The Process


Harvest time starts November and lasts no longer than 3 weeks. The Olives picked by hand fall onto nets placed under the trees where they are gathered, cleaned of all leaves and taken to the press. Here, olives undergo further defoliation and are washed and crushed before the end of the day, no longer than 6 hours after picking. We use continuous centrifugation using a two phase-system at a temperature not exceeding 27°C/80°F degrees, according to EU regulations for cold extraction





After the batches of olives are traditionally hand-picked we immediately transport them to the mills within the shortest time possible and it never take us longer than six hours.

We control all aspects of the production process from the harvest to bottling in the knowledge that this is the only way to guarantee our consumer the ultimate in quality.


The mill is characterized by an innovative two phase, continuous cold pressing process. The system is composed of different connected machines to permit an uninterrupted mechanism to avoid oxidation. The two- phase technology does not use water during the process and the centrifuges separate the oil from a wet paste. Another advantage of this procedure is that it works on low temperature (below 27°) to preserve the aromas, the perfume and the polyphenols.




The freshly pressed oil, with its marvellous fruity aromas and rich antioxidant properties, is filtered and stored in temperature-controlled steel tanks to best preserve its organoleptic properties. Thanks to the today’s advanced olive oil preservation technology, our storage facilities are fitted with system that inject nitrogen into the vats. The nitrogen pushes away oxygen that has found its way in, and thats’ good, because oxygen can speed up the chemical processes that make oil go rancid. Using this technology is the best way to preserve the oil fresh all the way from harvest to our consumers.

Certifications & Awards

  • 3 star winner in the Great Taste 2020 ” ZEET Arbequina Olives “
  • Great Taste Award Winner 2018, 2019 and 2020
  • Great Taste Producer since 2020
  • Gold Award Winner New York Olive Oil Competition 2017
  • Bronze Award London International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • Certified Organic by Organic Farmers & Growers
  • FDA registered Facility
  • Member of the Guild Of Fine Food





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