The Process

The Process


We harvest the fruit usually in the beginning of November every year as part of our quality and excellence policy. We set time limits for the collection so that all the fruits are of one uniform size and condition.







After the batches of olives are traditionally hand-picked we immediately transport them to the mills within the shortest time possible and it never take us longer than six hours





Once cleaned, the olives are then put through cold-pressing using the latest technology and the most attentive care.







We use the cold extraction process to preserve the full complex range of sensory and nutritional qualities; allowing the complete flavor of the olive oil to be appreciated. In this method, no heat or chemicals are administrated to extend or alter the oil.





In order to continue the preservation of the quality, our olive oil is poured into stainless steel tanks resting in temperature controlled semi-dark storage rooms, never reaching a maximum temperature of 18˚C.



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Next, we pack our olive oil in dark toned bottles as well as tins in order to retain its composition. Finally, we focus on providing an inspiring packaging design going beyond traditional trends; establishing our signature presence based on a contemporary look.

Certifications & Awards

  • Great Taste Award 2018
  • Gold Award Winner New York Olive Oil Competition 2017
  • Bronze Award London International Olive Oil Competition 2018
  • Certified Organic in the U.K by Organic Farmers & Growers CIC & SOPA
  • FDA registered Facility
  • Organic Oil Certified by Kiwa Bcs Oko Garanite
  • The Guild Of Fine Food  member U.K




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